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  1. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    Dear respected members,
    I have 3 udf in voucher which stores the value of voucher altered by, voucher alteration date and alt time.
    Now I call a function on form accept to update alteration date and time every time.It update altered by,alteration date & time successfully.
    Now suppose 4 user alter a particular voucher 7 times.
    now I want to get the details all that 7 times altered by, alteration date & time.

    Please sir anybody help me to get some idea how to do this.

  2. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    anybody is there to share some idea that I make the required code.

  3. knsivam89

    knsivam89 Active Member

    Add a Aggregate UDF and Store N Number times...

  4. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    Please give some details

  5. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    I have created Aggregate UDF.Now I wish to call a function to update that udf on form accept voucher.but my function not works properly. It update all the company voucher.Please rectify.
    On : Form Accept : Yes : Form Accept
    On : Form Accept : $$InAlterMode : CALL : Updatealtdttm1

    [Function: Updatealtdttm1]
    Variable : MSTID : String
    10 : WALK COLLECTION : TSPL Smp Company Vch2
    20 : SET : MSTID : "ID:"+ $$String:$MasterID
    30 : NEW OBJECT : Voucher : ##MSTID
    31 :INSERT COLLECTION OBJECT : Useraltaggr
    32 : Set Target : Useraltaggr
    40 : Set Value : usernameudf : $$String:$$CmpUserName
    50 : Set Value : altdateudf : $$String:$$MachineDate
    55 : Set Value : alttmudf : $$String:$$Machinetime
    60 : SET TARGET : ..
    80 : END Walk
    100: MSGBOX : "Status" : "Alteration update Successfully"
    110 : Return

    [Collection : TSPL Smp Company Vch2]
    Type : Voucher ;;Type : Useraltaggr : Voucher;

    Fetch :usernameudf,altdateudf,alttmudf
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  6. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    Also it takes a long time to update.I want to update the aggr udf of current voucher which is altered.

  7. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Why are you walking the collections which calls all Vouchers? You just want to update the current voucher only.

  8. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    How to update the current voucher only,Please rectify my collection

  9. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Study this function in TDE..........

    [Function: Update Separate CDS Print Status]

    It might help you..........
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  10. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    Thanks I have done it.

  11. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    now is it working fast... and for current voucher only.....???

    Show screenshot with 7 level alterations..... :)

  12. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    Yes sirji Its working super.Here is the screen shot for u. Untitled.png
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  13. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Very good job.... keep it up...

  14. sattam

    sattam Active Member

    Thanks Amit ji. I was fully unknown about tdl coding when I join this forum arround 2-3 years ago.I am too much great full to this forum. from here I know how to write a code.Now I little bit Know about tdl coding. Thanks again to this forum.
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  15. Rakesh Kumar

    Rakesh Kumar Member

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  16. gangstar

    gangstar New Member

    Sir, how to fetch sales against receipt date in this report format?

    Attached Files:

  17. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Wrong Post............so do not expect an reply.

  18. dear sir

    I am stuck at report

    how to populate the report to show all the alteration

    kindly guide

  19. dear sir kindly give me the idea on how to show the repeated alteration
    my report only shows the last alteration

  20. Its done

    Thank you for NOT HELPING ME

    Just one more thin now the voucher alter gets updated even if nothing has changed in the voucher only re-saved
    is there any way to update only is any data or field has been modified

    you suggestion will be appriciated


  21. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    study .... $$Isedited in TDE....might help you.

  22. Sir
    i am trying to update the users who printed but either it says not in edit mode or it does not update

    [#Report: Voucher]
    On: After Print: not $$InPreviewMode: Call : printup
    Variable : VchMasterID : String
    09 : Set : VchMasterID : $$SPrintF:mad:@VCHMasterID:$MasterID
    10 : New Object : Voucher : ##VchMasterID
    12 : Insert Collection Object : AggPrintUDF
    19 : Walk : AggPrintUDF
    20 : Set Target : AggPrintUDF
    21 : Set Value : RTuserPrintdetail : $$String:$$CmpUserName +" On " +$$String:$$MachineDate + " @ " +$$String:$$Machinetime
    25 : SET TARGET : ..
    26`: Accept Object
    28 : END Walk

  23. it does update if there is an existing update

  24. Neha2017

    Neha2017 New Member

    Very helpful Amit ji. with this, i was able to edit gst rates of stock items immediately. thanks a lot.

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