TDLBytes #2:Customization using Productivity Suites

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    Easy customization for swift delivery
    TDLByte #2

    In TDLByte#1, we introduced you to 'Customization using Productivity Suites' feature in
    Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0 that will help you to easily customize using Excel and Word tools. We hope you have tried your hand at writing a TDL program to design a sales invoice with the existing capability, so that you realise the transformation in Release 5.0.

    In today's TDLByte, we explain the TDL components that form a part of this unique customization feature.

    Customization using Productivity Suites
    'Resource' attribute at 'Form' level
    What is it?
    The 'Resource' attribute at form definition is used to specify the name of the Resource definition that provides the details of the XML-based source document template. This document template is used for exporting/printing the form.
    Where is it used?
    In Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0, the VAT forms for select states are printed using this capability. The same capability will be used to print VAT forms for rest of the states in upcoming releases. The document template for these VAT forms are available under ‘Resource’ folder of Tally.Developer 9.
    How to use it?
    Where 'TSPLInvoiceExcelXML' is the name of the resource definition.
    The next TDLByte will unveil more components of 'Customization using Productivity
    feature and explain them in detail.

    Stay tuned!
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