TDLByte #13: VERSION COMPATIBILITY CHECK Understanding Warnings

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    Understanding Warnings
    TDLByte #13
    Dear Developers,
    In our previous TDLByte #12, we demonstrated how errors are generated during Version Compatibility Check. Today, we will take you through the next result type in detail i.e.

    Warnings occur when a definition has been modified in the source code of the target release. The same definition is directly used in your customization that might affect its functionality.
    Till now, the TDLBytes have explained the migration of any lower release to Release 5.0 along with errors and warnings in detail.
    Did you know that you can use 'Version Compatibility Check' to migrate your code from lower release to any higher release of Tally.ERP 9 other than Release 5.0?
    Our next TDLByte will explain the concept in further detail.
    Stay tuned!

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