TDL Byte #10: Quick and easy code migration to higher release!

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    TDL Byte #10
    Dear Developers,
    We are delighted to begin a new topic of discussion as a part of TDLBytes initiative. Today, we will introduce you to a new feature in Tally.Developer 9 Release 5. This feature will change the way you look at migrating your code to higher product releases.
    We all know that every new release of Tally.ERP 9 brings new and impactful features. Of course, due to this there are changes in the Source Code that causes incompatibility of your solution with the new release. Therefore, to ease the process of migrating your solution code to any higher release, Tally.Developer 9 Release 5 introduces a new feature, 'Version Compatibility Check'.
    'Version Compatibility Check' compares your solution code with the Base Release and the
    Target Release source codes, to come up with the list of error(s) and warning(s) affecting the solution execution in the Target Release.
    To make your solution compatible with any Target Release, you can follow the steps as mentioned below:
    1 Load Default TDL Code of Base Release
    Generate Compatibility Metadata
    Load Default TDL Code of Target Release
    Load Customization Project
    Version Compatibility
    Analyse Results and Make Changes
    With this introduction, we are confident that you will go ahead and explore this new feature of
    Tally.Developer 9 Release 5. Our next TDLByte will take you through a more detailed information about this feature and the steps mentioned above.
    Stay tuned!

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