SVFromDate not working while exporting unpaid bills from Tally

Discussion in 'Tally Integration' started by PraveenKumarDS, May 21, 2019.

  1. PraveenKumarDS

    PraveenKumarDS New Member

    I'm trying to export the list of unpaid bills for a specific period using Tally XML Request.

    However, I'm only partially successful in doing it as the SVFROMDATE is not set while exporting the bills.

    SVTODATE is working properly but SVFROMDATE is not getting set and I'm getting all the bills that exists before the SVTODATE.

    XML Request:
    <ID>Bills Payable</ID>
    <SVFROMDATE TYPE="Date">01-Jun-2017</SVFROMDATE>
    <SVTODATE TYPE="Date">29-Jun-2017</SVTODATE>

    XML Response:
    <BILLPARTY>Test Vendor 2</BILLPARTY>

    Here we can see that I have used the SVFROMDATE as 01-Jun-2017 but I'm getting the bills thats exists before that also.


    I have tried other alternatives like removing the Type attribute like below :


    Then tried the below alternative too
    <SVTODATE >20170629</SVTODATE>

    But everything gives the same result. So please let me know what might be wrong here. Thanks in Advance. :)

  2. Ankit Parashar

    Ankit Parashar New Member

    Not working for me too, I also tried it, but since I am working in educational mode, I think it maybe because of that too. For me both SVFROMDATE and SVTODATE are not working.

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