SQL to Tally ODBC. How to map dr and cr with objects inside walk collection..

Discussion in 'Tally Integration' started by shnkarmahdev, May 22, 2020.

  1. shnkarmahdev

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    I have Dr and Cr parts of voucher, As you can see below:


    I declared a collection, got the values from SQL, But i can't map the Dr and Cr Ledgername and amount inside walk collection, As they are 2 separate rows.

    This is the method i follow to pass the objects as voucher entry:

    Someone please help me out with this!

  2. sanjaybjthakkar

    sanjaybjthakkar New Member

    Basically you have to make 2 collection
    1st colletion will be of the Main Voucher
    [Collection : MyMainVoucher]
    Source Collection : OdbcTally
    By : VoucherNumber : $VoucherNumber

    2nd Collection has to be filtered for the same voucher number which represent the DR and CR lines
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  3. shnkarmahdev

    shnkarmahdev New Member

    Can you please elaborate, good sir?

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