Modify Ref: Field in Sales Order Voucher

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    Can anyone help me to modify a the marked fields on below image, ie. Sale Order Voucher Sl No to be renamed as SO No. and Order No field to be changed as Customer LPO#: Untitled.png

  2. do you need that at voucher level or at print out level..

  3. Amitkumar

    Amitkumar Member

    Dear zakirhossain_diu,

    If possible explain both , it will be helpful ...


  4. Dear AmitKumar

    Customization of Tally.ERP9 is done separately for voucher which we can display at the time of voucher posting which is Customized voucher another one is customization of default Tally print out for voucher/Invoice. I was mentioned that which one you want.
    You want SL No instead of sales Order which you can done by creating a voucher type under sales order.
    Customer LPO# instead of Order No. its possible with code but you need to confirm that whether you need it voucher display or order print out or both.

    Thank you

  5. Dear Amit Kumar
    Can work with below code

    [#Line: EI GetOrderNo]
    Add:Right Field:EI Name, EI GetOrderNo2

    [Field:EI Name]
    Use: Medium Prompt
    Info : "Customer LPO#:"
    Invisible :NOT ##SVVoucherType = "SO NO"

    [Field:EI GetOrderNo2]
    Use : Short Name Field
    Storage : Reference2
    Case : Normal
    Width : 10
    Set as : if ($$IsSalesOrder:##SVVoucherType OR $$IsPurcOrder:##SVVoucherType OR $$IsJobOrderIn:##SVVoucherType OR $$IsJobOrderOut:##SVVoucherType) AND (NOT $$InAlterMode OR $IsCancelled) then $VoucherNumber Else $$Value
    Set always : Yes
    Inactive : NOT (@@IsJoborderVouchers OR (If $$InCreateMode Then @@IsOrderVch AND NOT ##ICFGItemOrder Else +
    @@IsOrderVch AND NOT $OrderLineStatus))
    Validate : NOT $$IsEmpty:$$Value

    Option : EI SameOrderNo : ##VCFGDuplicateOrderNo And (Not $$InAlterMode)
    Invisible :NOT ##SVVoucherType = "SO NO"

  6. Amitkumar

    Amitkumar Member

    Dear zakirhossain,
    Thanks for code but this code adding new value not modifying existing one. As per the first code Order No field to be changed as Customer LPO#:


  7. Dear Amit Kumar
    Add these lines with above code

    [#Field: EI GetOrderNo]
    Invisible: ##SVVoucherType = "SO NO"
    [#Field: Medium Prompt]
    Invisible: ##SVVoucherType = "SO NO"

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