how to set the limit for no. of bills while exporting bills from Tally through XML Request

Discussion in 'Tally Integration' started by PraveenKumarDS, May 24, 2019.

  1. PraveenKumarDS

    PraveenKumarDS New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Is there any way to set the limit for number of bills (say I don't want to export more than 1000 bills at a time) to be exported while exporting it from Tally through XML Request?

    Currently I can export all the unpaid bills but it will be difficult to process all those bills at the same time. So I wanted to know whether there is a way to limit the number of bills to be exported. Similar to pagination support.

    Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

  2. teja varma

    teja varma Member

    you cant mention count but
    you can use like this in xml request


    you will get bills only in that specified date
    you can change those dates to get the full bills one by one

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