How to insert all details in single click from coll table

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  1. Rishi kumar

    Rishi kumar Member

    Dear expert
    Pls see the attachment. There is a collection table. In which AWB no and details related to AWB .
    In present case I am selecting AWB no one by one . If data is less this is ok . But if data is more than one by one selection is very time taking.
    I have added all items coll but not working.
    May any body guide me how I add all AWB no in single click .

    Thanks & regards

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  2. Hems

    Hems Member

    Ye to wese hi hua jese

    Sale voucher entry ke time
    Item selection me ek sath 4-5 item select karna.

    How it possible. ?

  3. Rishi kumar

    Rishi kumar Member

    Nahi Bhai ye waise nahi hua।।।
    Hota hai mgar kaise hoga samajh nahi aa raha hai

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