Help! How to Have Name of Creditors In a Field Created by me in this TDL.

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  1. Nayan Savla

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    Hello, I Have Created this tdl by learning online. But I m bit confused about to Get Sundry Creditors Name in the Field.
    Add This TDL to Tally, Then go to F11 Accounting Featurs and Change Enable Despatch Through to Yes
    Create an Sales Invoice, Select Ledger and In DESPATCH INFORMATION there Should be a dropdown list of Creditors Name (as Transporters are Creditors) and we can select from it.

    Here is the TDL and its Script. Can You Guys Help me Solve this Issue ?

    [System: UDF]
    MyDBDespatch: Aggregate: 2
    despatchthroughName: String: 1103
    [#Part: CMP AccFeat Left]
    Add: Line: CMP EnableDespatchthrough
    [Line: CMP EnableDespatchthrough]
    Field: Medium Prompt, CMP EnableDespatchthrough
    Local: Field: Medium Prompt: Info: "Enable Despatch Through "
    Space Top: 1
    [Field: CMP EnableDespatchthrough]
    Use: Logical Field
    Storage: EnableDespatchthrough
    Set as: If $$IsEmpty:$$Value then "No" else $$Value
    Sub Form: CMP DespthroughReport: $$Value = "Yes"
    [System: UDF]
    EnableDespatchthrough: Logical: 1107
    [Report: CMP DespthroughReport]
    Form: CMP DespthroughForm
    [Form: CMP DespthroughForm]
    Part: CMP DespthroughPartTitle, CMP DespthroughPartDetails
    [Part: CMP DespthroughPartTitle]
    Line: CMP DespthroughLineTitle
    [Line: CMP DespthroughLineTitle]
    Field: Long Prompt
    Local: Field: Long Prompt: Style: Small Bold
    Local: Field: Long Prompt: Info: "Despatch Through"
    [Part: CMP DespthroughPartDetails]
    Line: CMP DespthroughLineDetails
    Repeat: CMP DespthroughLineDetails: MyDBDespatch
    BreakOn: $$IsEmpty:$despatchthroughName
    Height: 6
    Scroll: Vertical
    CommonBorder: Yes
    [Line: CMP DespthroughLineDetails]
    Field: CMP DespthroughNameField
    [Field: CMP DespthroughNameField]
    Use: Short Name Field
    Storage: despatchthroughName
    Border: Thin Left
    [Collection: MyDespthroughCollection]
    Type: MyDBDespatch: Company
    Childof: ##SVCurrentCompany
    Format: $despatchthroughName,30
    Title: Despatch Through

    [#Field: EI PreCarriage]
    Use : Short Name Field
    Storage : BasicShippedBy
    Set as : if NOT $$IsEmpty:mad:@EIBasicShippedBy then @@EIBasicShippedBy Else $$Value
    Set always : Yes
    Skip On : NOT @@DoEditAll AND NOT $$IsEmpty:mad:@EIBasicShippedBy AND @@IsObjOfTypeTrackOrOrder
    Width: 30
    Table: MyDespthroughCollection,EndofList
    ShowTable: Always

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  2. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Would be better understood, if u share screenshot of your problem and also what you want and where.

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