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  1. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    Hi All
    Jay Here

    Hope You Will Enjoy This Code.

    With This Code You Can "Duplicate Selected Vouchers".

    Need To Accept First Voucher Only.
    (Will Improve Later)

    [#Form: Day Book]
    Add: Button : Dupvch
    [#Form: Ledger Vouchers]
    Add: Button : Dupvch
    [Button: Dupvch]
    Title: "Duplicate Selected"
    Key: Ctrl+X
    Action: Call : jaydup
        Variable : MSTID : String
        Object  : Voucher : #VchMasterID
        01 : WALK COLLECTION : DupJktVouchers
        02 : SET : MSTID : "ID:"+ $$String:$MasterID
        03 : Duplicate : Voucher
        04: Trigger Key : Ctrl+A
        05 : END WALK
    [Collection: DupJktVouchers]
    Data Source : Report :Selected
    Fetch : *.*,All Ledger Entries.*,Allinventoryentries.*
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  2. sandeep76out

    sandeep76out New Member

    Hi Sir
    how to stop Duplicate Voucher number in purchase Voucher
    like Duplicate Purchase Stopper type any thing plz help
    thank you :)

  3. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    set in Voucher type.... "prevent duplicate"

  4. sandeep76out

    sandeep76out New Member

    Sir Ji
    i`m using voucher numbering is manual
    this the probl :(

  5. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Exactly...when you have selected manual, then there would be an option activated just below it asking...."prevent duplicates"... which is to be set to yes.

    If not appearing, then you must be using a OLD version of Tally.

  6. sandeep76out

    sandeep76out New Member

    TallyERP ver: 6.5.2

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  7. sandeep76out

    sandeep76out New Member

    tally not allowing to set the prevent duplicates to yes

  8. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    because data is already existing..........

    so you need to make a new voucher type and use it........

  9. balajimg

    balajimg Member

    temporarily use this code and prevent in voucher type masters

    then disable this code

    [#Field: VTYP PreventDups]
    Delete: Skip on

  10. sohel

    sohel New Member

    @balajimg your short two line helped me a lot. Thanks

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