Explode Balance Sheet/P & L to maximum

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  1. Kirandineshjoshi

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    Hello sir if i dont want Sundry creditors and Sundry Debtors expand in Balance sheet if i will print my balance sheet will print 5 to 6 pages so pls help me

    my email id is kiranjoshi@live.in everything is best but

    so pls mail me without fail pls


  2. Kirandineshjoshi

    Kirandineshjoshi New Member

    how can i hide some option if i dont want to expand that

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  3. Ajitsinh Babariya

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    Dear Sir, Your TDL is Superb !!!!

    Thank you so much.

  4. Apoorva Jain

    Apoorva Jain New Member

    Dear Santosh Ji,

    This code is really appreciable. I need to explode the Trial Balance in the same manner. How can we do so. Can you please help for that too.

    With Regards


  5. VijayBach

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    Sir, Your code for BS & PL exploding is EXCELLENT...
    But I am facing a problem in Print to PDF of the exploded BS..I have attached a Screenshot as well as PDF of the said BS. As you can see the Screenshot displays the exploded fields along with the values, but the PDF shows the fields and not the respective values !!!!!

    Please HELP !!!
    Vijay (bach.vijay@gmail.com)

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  6. Shreyansh Jindal

    Shreyansh Jindal New Member

    Hey can you please repost or send the TDL.

  7. s.santhnam

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  8. udaya

    udaya Member

    sir i can't see the code or file all ur post .....Why?????

  9. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    Dear udaya,
    Search Forum For ..........
    Already available.

    code facilitates the following: -

    01. Removes zero valued items from BS & PL
    02. Apart from the default Detailed Mode (Alt + F1) in tally, it explodes BS & Pl to the extreme end
    03. The Explosion is shown in red color
    04. The Explosion can be controlled in F12 configuration in BS & PL
    05. The Exploded BS & PL can be printed and exported
    06. The print of BS & PL will be in continuous mode to save pages

    After installing this code, open BS or PL ----- Press Alt + F1 you will get normal tally explosion........
    Go to F12 Configuration enable "Maximum explode by CKS" to "YES" and you will get the ultimate explosion with print-ability

    [#Report: Balance Sheet]

    [#Report: Profit and Loss]

    ;;The below code is to rewrite the default explosion to add maximum explosion

    [#Part:BSGRP Explosion]
    Lines:BS Detail
    Repeat:BS Detail:BS GroupLedgerChildOfGroupName
    Local:Line:BSDetail:Add:Explode:CKSExplode:$$IsGroup AND ##CKFlag
    Local:Line:BSDetail:Delete:Space Top

    ;;The code is to define a new variable

    [Variable: CKFlag]


    ;;Below code is to perform a maximum explosion with red color - CKS

    Lines:BS Detail
    Repeat:BS Detail:BS GroupLedgerChildOfGroupName
    Local:Line:BSDetail:Delete:Space Top

    ;;This is to make sub amounts printable - CKS

    [#Field: BSSubAmt]
    Delete:Set as
    Add:Set as:if $$ExplodeLevel = 0 then $$AsAmount:0 else +
    if $IsLedgerProfit then @AsProfitVal else +
    if $$Owner:$IsStockLine then @AsItemVal else +
    if @@IsWkgCapItem then @UseWkgCapVal else +

    ;;Below code is to add variable modification in BS/PL Configs - CKS

    [#Part: BSCFG Common]
    Add:Line:At End:CKSExpl

    [#Part: PLCFG Common]
    Add:Line:At End:CKSExpl

    Field:Medium Prompt, CKSExplFld
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Info:$$LocaleString:"Maximum Explode by CKS ?"
    Local:Field:Medium Prompt:Color:"Red"

    [Field: CKSExplFld]
    Use:Logical Field
    Set always:Yes
    Modifies:CKFlag : Yes
    Show Table:Always

    ;;Following code is to realign page separation - CKS

    [#Line: PLDetail]
    Delete:Next Page

    [#Line: BSDetail]
    Delete:Next Page
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  10. udaya

    udaya Member

    Thanaaaaaaank U sir.....

  11. Bipin Damania

    Bipin Damania Member

    Hello Santhosh & Jay Kumar

    Thank you for sharing
    Not getting amount in Explode Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss A/c
    Please refer to attached PDF for your reference
    Please reply.


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  12. can u
    share the code with me at alberoply@gmail.com



    Just Comment this
    ;[#Field: BSSubAmt]
    ;Delete:Set as
    ;Add:Set as:if $$ExplodeLevel = 0 then $$AsAmount:0 else +
    ;if $IsLedgerProfit then @AsProfitVal else +
    ;if $$Owner:$IsStockLine then @AsItemVal else +
    ;if @@IsWkgCapItem then @UseWkgCapVal else +

    it is working fine

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