Easy customization for swift delivery - form attribute 'XML Map'

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    Easy customization for swift delivery
    TDLByte #4
    Dear Developers,
    In continuation to TDLByte#3, we will be explaining the form attribute 'XML Map', that plays an important role in fetching the data for the source document template.

    Customization using Productivity Suites
    Form attribute 'XML Map'
    What is it?

    The designed source document template is associated with the form definition (which has to be printed/exported), through the form attribute 'Resource'. This document should contain both, the layout and the corresponding data to be fetched. 'XML Map' is a form attribute that provides the correct value for the token(s) specified in the document template.
    A token is a '$' prefixed alpha-numeric value (e.g. $PartyLedgerName), which either refers to the XML Map specified in the form definition or the default method available in the current object (if XML Map is unavailable.)
    Where is it used?
    The form attribute ‘XML Map’ is used to print VAT forms, 'DL_CST_Form 4.ods' (Form 4 of Delhi CST), and 'DL_DVAT_Form 16_Annexure 30.ods' (Annexure 30 of Form 16 of Delhi VAT) in Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0.
    How to use it?
    (Considering current object context to be voucher object)
    In the snapshot, the first parameter to XML Maps,'CompanyName' & 'VATTINNumber'are token names specified in the document template. These are used for evaluating the expression provided in the second parameter i.e. system formulas, '@@CmpMailingName' &
    '@@PartyVatTinNumber' respectively.
    Stay tuned!
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    A small Sample for usage of XML Map......

    [#Form: Sales Color]

    Delete : Print
    Add : Print : InvoicePrintSet

    [Report: InvoicePrintSet]

    Use: STD Invoice
    Form: InvoicePrintSet

    [Form: InvoicePrintSet]

    Resource : InvoicePrintSet

    XML Map : Line : $$TplLine
    XML Map : Companyname : ##SVCurrentCompany
    XML Map : CmpAddr : $Address

    XML Map : BasicOrderTerms : @@OrderTerms
    XML Map : BasicDueDateofPayment : @@DueDateofPymt

    ;; Inventory Entries Related Information

    XML Map : Stockitemname : $StockItemName : Inventory

    XML Map : partno : @@MyPart
    XML Map : ActualQty : $ActualQty
    XML Map : Billedqty : @@BilledQty
    XML Map : Rate : $Rate
    XML Map : Rateunit : ""
    XML Map : Amount : $Amount
    XML Map : BatchOrdernumber : $OrderNo
    XML Map : OrderDueDate : $OrderDueDate
    XML Map : TrackingNumber : $TrackingNumber

    XML Map : ActualQtyTotal : @@ActualQtyTotal
    XML Map : FinalAmount : $Amount
    XML Map : FinalAmountInWords : @@AmtinWords

    XML Map : UserDescription : @@MyDesc :BasicUserDescription

    [Resource : InvoicePrintSet]

    Source : MyIssue.xml
    Resource Type : WordXML

    [Collection: Invoice Company Address]

    Type : Address : Company
    Child of : ##SVCurrentCompany

    [System: Formula]

    BilledQty : $$Number:$BilledQty
    AmtinWords : $$InWords:$Amount + " Only"
    ActualQtyTotal : $$CollAmtTotal:inventoryEntries:$ActualQty

    OrderTerms : if $$IsEmpty:$BasicOrderTerms then "" else $BasicOrderTerms
    DueDateofPymt : if $$IsEmpty:$BasicDueDateOfPymt then "" else $BasicDueDateOfPymt
    DueDateofInvoice : if $$IsEmpty:$OrderDueDate then "" else $OrderDueDate

    MyPart :$PartNo:StockItem:$StockItemName
    MyDesc :$$FullList:UserDescription:$UserDescription

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    How the Page Break we can set..

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    HI Ranjith,

    Currently this concept is used to design the static report, and more over controlling of page breaks is an issue(Currently not possible) wih this , hope Tally will consider and resolve the same as it was noted by them.:)

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    How can we set token for gst rate gst amount like igst, sgst, cgst and tax analisys chart making through XML map tokens.

    Please reply with example.

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