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    I have created a TDL for sales invoice printing. How to add this into Add-on features so that the tdl can be used only in particular company only after enabling it into F11>F6 and for all other company, this tdl customization will not work and default format will be printed.

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    There are 2 ways you can do this.......

    1. In your code enable it for company having name ABC or having GST Code XXXXXXXXXXX and so on..... so only if it matches then the TDL will be active.
    2. Add code in F11 features to enable it....... in this can activate it for multiple companies, whereas for OPTION 1 above, you will have to add the Company or GSTIN for every company u want to use it for.
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    Dear Sir,

    Thank you sir. I will try. It would be helpful if you can provide sample code too.

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