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    I have a voucher type created as Fuel purchase order under purchase order.

    I have created below code which force user to record odometer reading. I dont know how to assing the same to Fuel purchase order type. Anybody can help?

    [#Line : EI Column One]
    Local : Field : Fuel Purc Order Set as : IF @@IsPurcOrder
    Add : Right Field: At Beginning :Odometer
    Local : Field : Odometer : Info : "Odometer"
    Use : Short Name Field
    Width :10
    Align : Center
    Border :Thick Left Right
    Skip on : $$IsEnd:$StockItemName

    [#Line : EI Inv Info]

    Add: Right Field:At Beginning : Odometer

    Local : Field : Default : Align : Left
    Local : Field : Odomter : Info : " "

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