Anyone developed or developing Tally type software with today's DBMS?

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Frz, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Frz

    Frz Member

    Dear All
    I've been a Tally user for the past 20 years
    However, Tally has not been able to keep up with the changes in database tech & its showing its age
    I would like to know if anyone has developed or developing Tally type software with today's DBMS?
    the other software available today are based on Visual Fox Pro [much faster in accessing data & reports than Tally] & that too is a discontinued product by Microsoft
    The free software on the GST portal like ubooks are fantastic software, but they don't have some of the features of Tally like payroll & cost centers

    Any suggestions?

  2. lumos

    lumos Member

    Tally needs a serious overhaul. Not just on UI /UX front but they need to reinvent this product internally or it dies. It is only a matter of time say 1-2 years (maybe more) before some other product starts becoming popular. It is only the reliability factor that keeps people hooked to it.
    Coming to your post I've tried Busy, Marg, Vyapar and others but I didn't get the feel. Don;t know much about DBMS. If you find something good do let us know.

  3. Anand Sharma

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    You Can Try Busy Business Accounting Software.... Busy Features is Accounting Like Tally, Invetory, GST(Check Auto GST No., GSTR2A Auto Reco., GSTR1 Auto, Reco., Eway Bill Auto Generation & PIN to PIN Pick Auto Distance), Stock, Email, SMS, Mobile App, Payroll, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CSM (Customer Support Management), Voucher Approval, Branch(Ho & BO) , Report Customization Tool, Invoice Printout Design Tool, & Many More Features... Price is Low Against Tally & Database is Access & SQL Server..... Now I am Using This Demo & compare to tally

  4. Frz

    Frz Member

    I have been using busy for experimental basis
    also to try & get the feel
    its far more comprehensive as compared to tally
    also tied ubooks which is a free software on GST portal [but for turnover less tan 1.5cr]
    its quite good

    i am talking to a few developers to try & make my own accounting package as per my own specific business requirement
    its a couple of months away
    will keep you posted on the developments

    i'm not trying to make a sale here
    if i'm happy with the program, will forward the name & number of the developer

  5. lumos

    lumos Member

    Agreed, Have been getting many positive reviews for Busy. I hear they constantly update and release new features that you have to pay a hefty amount for in tally, but I am looking to hear different perspectives first before making a decision.
    About making your own software. It is too risky as of now to make an accounting software. You dont get the polishing. The cost goes up for adding new features. It is not feasible. Anyhow If you get someone good, do let me know.
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  6. Frz

    Frz Member

    any feed back?
    Pros & cons versus tally?

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