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    Dear all,
    Through this you can import bank statement from excel to tally through xml file.

    Step 1 : Paste bank statement
    Step 2 : Linked ledger according to narration
    Step 3 : goto ledger sheet and click on unique ledger import
    Step 4 : Give a proper group of ledger and generate ledger import xml file from second button
    Sep 5 : after that goto 1 sheet and generate bank statement vouchers xml file

    if you don't want to create ledger you can skip step 3 and 4 (if ledger is already created in company)

    for more info see this given below video and follow instruction.


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    Superb excelent

  4. Sundar.L

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    Nice ,but not working in offline,is it requires internet connection ?

  5. harbansh

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    There is date restriction in excel file give me your mail id i will send you without date restriction file.



  7. Rajiv Prabhakar

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  8. harbansh

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  9. Rajiv Prabhakar

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    do you have code please help

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    Dear sir,
    I saw your utility it's very helpful to other utility because in this utility we can also create master please mail me full version of this utility i am ready to pay whatever you charged. i have send you a mail please check.

  12. mpal2311

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  13. priya

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    why not share it with everyone. Though I am interested to have it, I feel it is not proper to have it one-to-one basis and everyone must have it. Anyway it is my idea and therefore I am not sharing the e mail id. But thank you. I must congratulate you for your stupendous work. Bye

  14. Raju Das

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    Respected Sir, Please give me all voucher type - excel file demo my mail id with also restricted date but please increase date because i interested to purchase your utility, so please send me my mail id - - As fast as possible, I wait your valuable reply.

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    Hi Sir
    Kindly send the Excel File Without Date Restriction
    And one more query, if i want to enter data into contra for cash transaction how its work???

  17. Bindeshwar Kumar

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  18. harbansh

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    just type cash in ledger matching its work.
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  19. harbansh

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    See advanced video of Bank statement for better understanding



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    Hi Sir, excellent job
    Kindly send the Excel File Without Date Restriction to

  22. Great ...///

  23. uma ganesh babu m

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    In Tally Inclusive of Tax Rate available but in print out that incl of Tax not coming please help me

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