While designing a pre-printed invoice, how do we ensure the proper alignment?

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    While designing a Pre-printed Invoice, below guidelines can be followed to ensure perfection:

    1. The entire Form Dimensions viz., Height, Width, Space Top, Space Left, etc. must be specified in Inches.

    a) If some preprinted and fixed information is available at the Top/Bottom of the pre-printed Invoice stationery, same can be included as part of the Space Top/Space Bottom.

    2. Maintain uniformity while specifying the Unit of Measurement across all other definitions from Part to Field, for e.g., all the dimensions can be specified in mms (Millimeters).

    3. Do not specify dimensions for every Part or Field to equate the Form Dimensions. Leave some variable portion for Tally to adjust accordingly.


    i) Do not specify Width for the Particulars Field or we can enable FullWidth which can automatically adjust the available width.
    ii) If Bottom Parts are not available in the Pre-printed Invoice Format, Height for Inventory/Taxes Part need not be specified that can be automatically adjusted by Tally else specifying
    Height is mandatory.

    These are just guidelines to proceed with the pre-printed Invoice customization. Some variations to the above can also be done according to the need.
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    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the information.

    Kindly also guide if watermark can be added while printing from within Tally (Invoice -Original, Duplicate OR Debit / Credit Note etc.)

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    watermark not supported within Tally.

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