Whatsapp sender for Tally(dll)

Discussion in 'Tally Integration' started by teja varma, Dec 20, 2019.


Do you want Whatspp Sender for tally ?

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  1. teja varma

    teja varma Active Member

    What error you are getting?

  2. ganeshgk

    ganeshgk Member

    each and every time it will be wanted on QR code how to avoid that screen

  3. sameer batavia

    sameer batavia New Member

    FUNCTION: 'SendWhatsapp' LABEL: 21 : Call to COM Interface was made but an error occurred. This can be because of wrong no. of parameters or wrong types of parameters.
    FUNCTION: 'SendWhatsapp' LABEL: 21 : Action execution failed!
    FUNCTION: 'SendWhatsapp' LABEL: : Action execution failed!
    FUNCTION: 'SendWhatsapp' LABEL: : Action execution failed!

    i changes the tally tdl code just pointing to google chrome
    ChromeBinaryPath : "c:\program files (x86)\google\chrome\Application\chrome.exe" ;; path to chrome application in your system


    pls help

  4. NBG

    NBG New Member

    sir i am getting following error

    unknown error: cannot focus element
    (Session info: chrome=92.0.4515.131)
    (Driver info: chromedriver=2.43.600210(68dcf5eebde37173d4027fa8635e332711d2874a),platform=Windows NT 6.1.7600x86_64)

    please guide

  5. Adnan Miyajiwala

    Adnan Miyajiwala New Member

    sir, i am getting following error


  6. Mohan.S

    Mohan.S Member

    Sir we are getting the error in windows 10
    And Tally Prime

  7. Mohan.S

    Mohan.S Member


    dear sir
    we are getting the above error in Tally prime and Windows 10

  8. Mohan.S

    Mohan.S Member


  9. Adnan Miyajiwala

    Adnan Miyajiwala New Member

    Can you guide us overcome this error, and how to install chromedriver.exe (indeed it is already present)

  10. mpal2311

    mpal2311 Active Member

    not working

  11. Jayashri

    Jayashri New Member

    help me getting Error
    while sending invoice it gives error
    Screen shot attached

    Attached Files:

  12. Adnan Miyajiwala

    Adnan Miyajiwala New Member

    Dear Teja Sir,
    I am facing every time QR scan and after loading whatsapp and shows receivers no. but, pdf file does not attach, and shows process completed

  13. Adnan Miyajiwala

    Adnan Miyajiwala New Member

    Dear Teja Sir,
    The TDL is working fine but not attaching invoice copy in whatsapp. Also, can we change file name to be voucher/invoice no. instead of party name because in case of multiple invoices on a single day, it gets overwritten over previous. Kindly advise how to change file name.

  14. Anuj Mittal

    Anuj Mittal New Member

    Hi Mr. Teja Verma
    Complete Project is Working Fine. All Things Are Working Correctly . Opening Chrome - Opening Whatsapp - Opening Contact in Whatsapp.

    But After That Not Any Message or Attachment Send To Contact.

    Exported File is Also Created Succesfully in Folder.

    Please Help Whats the Problem.

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