Whats App From Tally Tax Invocie / OS Report With Attachment

Discussion in 'Free Source Codes' started by Sambanthan, Dec 18, 2019.

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    what is the cost of source code whats app tally with attachment

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    Dear Customer ,Your Invoice No: R-856/20-21, Amount 48,580.00, (Taxable: mad ) Date 3-Dec-2020, Discount: mad, IGST: mad, CGST: mad, SGST: mad, CESS: mad, has been Generated. Your Closing Balance Is mad Regards mad
    Am getting Mad in the place of value. pls help me what changes i need to get correct value. thank you.

    email: creativemaketingk1@gmail.com
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    In code....replace all "mad" with appropriate symbols.

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    Whatsapp txt try this one

    Attached Files:

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    please provide tcp file for demo

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    what would be the price?

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    i need urgently

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    hi sir isme every time new window open hota hai aur every time whats aap me msg send per click karna padta hai... Uska Kuch Solution Hai Kya Aapke pass

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    We developed this requirement using Whatapp API.API is payable. we have to develop Tdl as per APi requirement..If any Query I can help 7593931003

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