We are unable to store the UDF Value in a Report displaying list of Vouchers similar to Bank Reconci

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    Since UDF is a special container which can hold multiple values, we must specify the Index for storing the same. Hence, from a Report using the Field Attribute Storage, one can set the UDF Value as per the below syntax:-

    [Field: <Field Name>]
    Storage : <UDF Name> : <UDF Name> : Index
    Example :-
    [Field: Vch Test Field]
    Storage : BasicShippedBy : BasicShippedBy : First
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  2. Dear experts
    Below codes written to add additional field on bank reconciliation page which need to store transaction reference number. But i m getting trouble to store UDF Value. its does not storing. someone can reply me whats the issue that i m doing wrong....Thank You

    [#Line: EBanking Recon Summary Title] ;; Title line
    Add:Field: After :EBanking Summary Reconcile Date:TransactionRefTitle
    Delete: Field:TransactionRef

    [#Line: EBank Recon Vouchers] ;;transaction level
    Add: Field: After :EBanking Summary Reconcile Date:TransactionRef

    [#Line: EBanking Recon Total BalComp] ;;balance as per company Books
    Delete: Field: TransactionRef

    [#Line: EBanking Recon Total NoBank] ;; Amounts not reflected in bank
    Delete: Field: TransactionRef

    [#Line: EBanking Recon Total BalBank] ;; Balance as per bank
    Delete: Field: TransactionRef

    Use:Name Field
    Style:Small Italic
    Set Always: Yes
    Info:$$LocaleString:"Transaction ID"
    ;;;;;;Also tried Storage:TrRef: TrRef : 1005
    Use:short Name Field

    [System: UDF]
    TrRef : String : 1005

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    How can we access those stored values according to their index values

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