Using $$FullList from a Method from Relative Object Specification

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  1. Syntax to use function $$FullList from a Method with Relative Object Specification.

    With $MailingName:Ledger:$PartyLedgerName will be able to access Ledger Name
    With $Address:Ledger:$PartyLedgerName will be able to access on First Line of Address.
    How to Use $$FullList with from Relative Object Specification

  2. gangstar

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    Use a collection for address

  3. $$FullList:Address:LocAdd
    LocAdd : $Address:Ledger:$PartyLedgerName this way is not working.

  4. gangstar

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    [Part:Buyer Details]
    Line:party name,Party Address
    Repeat: Party Address:Basicbuyeraddress

    [Line:party Address]
    Field: Party Address

    [Field: Party Address]
    Full Width:Yes

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