User name print at End of simple format invoice

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Hasan@123, May 9, 2020.

  1. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    Dear developers,
    I want to print User name at end of Invoice in Simple format. How can it be done? Please help.
    Here's the code...

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  2. Neeru

    Neeru Member


    Search line and add line after find your line where you want to print in simple invoice print...

  3. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    Can you modify this code?

  4. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    Where you want to print ?

  5. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    Ekdam Last... I want to print it at the end of simple format invoice... Actually It already prints at the end in Default format invoice but I want to print in simple format invoice

  6. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    Use last part and line to add new line and use your field value to print
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  7. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    I couldn't understand..

  8. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    Is it printing in Simple format invoice?

  9. Neeru

    Neeru Member


  10. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    Share the modified code.

  11. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    Have a look
    It is work in both format if you want only in Simple format then do some change or you can add option in F12 to print this field in print

    [#Part: EXPINV InvoiceCompGen]
    Space Top:0.5
    Add:Line:Before: EXPINV InvoiceCompGen:USRNMNK

    [Line: USRNMNK]
    Field : OLPKI,OLPKII
    Option : GST Print ItemTaxDetailsStyleTiny : @@IsGSTOnAppl AND @@IsGSTTaxAnalysisWithItems
    Border:Thin box

    Set as:"Entered By "+" "+$$LocaleString:$$CmpUserName + " On " + $$String:$MachineDate + " @ " + $$String:$$MachineTime
    Full Width:Yes
    Set as:"Altered by"+" "+$$LocaleString:$$CmpUserName + " On " + $$String:$MachineDate + " @ " + $$String:$$MachineTime
    Full Width:Yes

  12. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    Look at the pics... Entered User details printing wrong... if i log in with different user entered user name and time gets changed but altered user details is correct... please check

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  13. Rajsrisrimal

    Rajsrisrimal Member

    Can I get this TDL ?
    Please mail me if possible

  14. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    Also i also want to fix the first time Alteration done by User, date and time but it is getting changed whenever a user alter the entry. please check bro...

  15. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    Dear Sir,

    Code is already here, have a look top to bottom

  16. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    I can't check your code do some change and try try try try test test test test your self...

  17. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    I did some changes but its not working

  18. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    share you changes in code

  19. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    if you are using "set always:Yes" then remove it

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