Updation of UDF Value in Price List

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    Query:- The User Defined Field added to the default Price List Report does not get saved. What is the reason and how can we resolve it?


    Previous behavior -

    Prior to User Defined Functions and dynamic object concept, the default Price List Report had database object associated with it. Hence, the User Defined Field added by a TDL Programmer was persisting along with the default methods within the Stock Item Object.

    Present behavioral change -

    Now, the default Price List Report design is changed which now associates dynamic memory object which does not persist to database as it is. On the acceptance of the Form, all the Price List values entered by the user are updated within the Stock Item Object.

    Reason for the change -

    The reason for this change was to enhance the performance. Since all the Stock Items whether Price List was updated or not were getting saved consuming lot of time and memory unnecessarily. This approach has enhanced the performance drastically by allowing the user to choose and save only those Stock Items where the price list were required to be updated.

    Solution to update User Defined Field -

    Following needs to be done to save UDF within Stock Item :-

    1. One needs to alter the UI to add relevant Fields wherever required.
    2. Alter the default dynamic object to add relevant storages.
    3. Within the default UI Form, on Form Acceptance at end, call an User Defined Function to update only the UDF Values

    Example -

    [System: UDF]

    PLDiscAmt : Amount : 1000

    [#Object: MPL Price Level List]

    Storage : Discount Amt : Amount

    [#Line: MPS Explode]

    Add : Fields : PL Disc Amt

    [Field: PL Disc Amt]

    Use : Amount Field
    Storage : Discount Amt
    Set as : $(StockItem, #MPSStockItemName).FullPriceList[1,($PriceLevel = ##SVPriceLevel AND $Date = ##SVPriceLevelDate)].PriceLevelList[$$Line].PLDiscAmt

    [#Form: Multi Price Set]

    Add : On : Form Accept : Yes : CALL : PL Update UDF

    [Function: PL Update UDF]

    Variable: StockItem : String

    Variable: FromQty : Quantity
    Variable: ToQty : Quantity
    Variable: DiscountAmt : Amount

    00 : WALK COLLECTION : Full Price List
    10 : SET : StockItem : $StockItemName

    20 : WALK COLLECTION : Price Level List
    30 : IF : NOT $$IsEmpty:$DiscountAmt
    40 : SET : FromQty : $StartingFrom
    50 : SET : ToQty : $EndingAt
    60 : SET : DiscountAmt : $DiscountAmt
    70 : MODIFY OBJECT : (Stock Item, ##StockItem).FullPriceList[1, ($PriceLevel = ##SVPriceLevel AND $Date = ##SVPriceLevelDate)].PriceLevelList[1, ($StartingFrom = ##FromQty AND $EndingAt = ##ToQty)].PLDiscAmt[1].PLDiscAmt : ##DiscountAmt
    80 : ENDIF
    90 : END WALK
    100 : END WALK

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