Unable to write further condition

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Manish8215, May 11, 2020.

  1. Manish8215

    Manish8215 New Member

    I want to write further condition but i was unable plz help bcz i have to write many more condition .

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  2. sanjaybjthakkar

    sanjaybjthakkar New Member

    Break it in local formula like
    Cond1 : If XX else XX
    cond2 : if xxx else xxx

    give 10 condition in 1 local formula
    and final is cond : @@cond1 or @@cond2

  3. Manish8215

    Manish8215 New Member


  4. Manish8215

    Manish8215 New Member

    Sir that method don't work , but i have implemented new method and it's working fine . All credit goes to you . Thank you so much . Keep supporting always.

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