Unable to specify "Type" attribute of collection

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Grace K, May 14, 2020.

  1. Grace K

    Grace K New Member

    I am trying to create a collection of names that is to be displayed as a table. This collection is created by clicking the item "List of Marketed By" in the Inventory Info. menu. The type attribute of the collection is given as "Company", but my code does not seem to be working. I would like to know the right type that is to be specified.

    [#Menu : Inventory Info.]
    Add : Item : Before : @@locQuit : "List of Marketed By ": Alter : yesno
    [Report : yesno]
    Form : yesno
    [Form : yesno]
    Part : yesno
    [Part : yesno]
    Line : yesno
    [Line : yesno]
    Fields : Medium Prompt, CMP yesnofield
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Info : "Enable?"
    [Field : CMP yesnofield]
    Use : Logical Field
    Set Always : Yes
    Storage : enable
    Set As : If $$IsEmpty:$$Value then "No" else $$Value
    Sub Form : yesnosubform : $$Value = Yes
    [Report : yesnosubform]
    Form : yesnosubform
    [Form : yesnosubform]
    Part : yesnosubform
    Height : 50% Page
    Width : 55% Page
    [Part : yesnosubform]
    Line : yesnosubform
    Repeat : yesnosubform : MarketedByTable
    Scroll : Vertical
    Break On : $$IsEmpty:$MarketedByTable
    [Line : yesnosubform]
    Field : Marketedbyfld
    [Field : Marketedbyfld]
    Use : Name Field
    Storage : MarketedByTable

    [Collection : MarketedByTable]
    Type : MarketedByTable : Company
    Child Of : ##SVCurrentCompany
    Format : $MarketedByTable,45
    Title : "Marketed by"

    [System : UDF]
    MarketedByTable : String : 367

  2. sanjaybjthakkar

    sanjaybjthakkar New Member

    [Report : yesnosubform]
    Form : yesnosubform
    Object : Company

    Add the following you need to associate with some or some object in TALLY in your case its not associated with company

  3. Grace K

    Grace K New Member

    The table still does not display at the required field...even after adding the Company object. The udf type is just string

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