Unable to alter GST EWB Login form. Need help :(

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    Hello I am a newbie developer and I was developing a tdl to save login info in tally.
    I did that successfully with email password but while doing the same for eway bill generation it failed!


    [#Field:GST EWB Login UserName]
    Set as:"username"

    Did the same for password but that didn't work:(

    I tried creating variables /creating udf but nothing works.
    TDL doesn't allow me to alter the GST EWB Login (Form) at all.

    Errors I see: NONE
    No real errors it is able to find the predefined module but its just not altering it.
    Also in TallyPrime Developer, it does not show the definition of the field. I know for a fact that it is somewhere in tcp/appmgmnt but that path isnt available in tallyprime developer default tdl.

    Is it something we cannot modfiy with tdl?

    Or I am going wrong somewhere ?

    To try the tdl: Alt+Z -> Eway bills ->Press esc -> f5 -> f5 -> Get Eway Bill Info -> Yes -> And you will reach the login form.

    Kindly help me deal with it.
    Thank YOU!

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