TDLBytes #5 : Easy customization for swift delivery

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    Easy customization for swift delivery
    TDLByte #5
    Dear Developers,
    Further to previous TDLByte #4, that explained the form attribute 'XML Map', we will explain how you can use XML Map to print or export repeating data to productivity suites.

    Customization using Productivity Suites
    Form attribute 'XML Map' for repeating data
    How to print or export repeating data to Productivity Suite?
    Use XML Map with its 3rd parameter!
    (Considering current object context to be voucher object, with 4 inventory entries)
    To repeat the details of Inventory entries, specify the third parameter of XML Map
    which is the collection name. Just pick a method from the collection that has to be repeated and define a XML Map for the same.
    Source Document Template
    Specify the token which is defined as XML Map in the source document at the right place in the line which has to be repeated. Once the token is specified, the system creates as many lines as the objects of the collection. Each repetition of the line is associated with an object of the collection.

    Any token specified in that line will get evaluated in the context of the object it is associated with.

    Default methods are available in Inventory entry object.
    Therefore, there is no need to define XML Maps for them

    Note: In '$Discount %', $Discount is the default method. Since discount has to be displayed in %, the percentage (%) symbol is appended to the method.

    4 lines for 4 objects in inventory entries
    Where is it used?
    The form attribute 'XML Map' is used to print VAT forms, 'DL_CST_Form 4.ods' (Form 4 of Delhi CST), and 'DL_DVAT_Form 16_Annexure 30.ods' (Annexure 30 of Form 16 of Delhi VAT) in Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0.
    Stay tuned!

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