TDLBytes #3 : Customization using Productivity Suites (Extension)

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    In TDLByte #2, we had explained the 'Resource' attribute at the form level for the feature
    'Customization using Productivity Suites'. Today, we go a step further and explain the'Resource' definition and the attribute 'Resource Type'.

    Customization using Productivity Suites
    definition and resource attribute 'Resource Type'
    What is it?

    The source document templates are XML files belonging to Word, Excel, Open Document Text/Spreadsheet/XML tools etc. and are used as source documents for printing or exporting forms using 'Customization using Productivity Suites'.
    In Resource definition, the parameter to the Source attribute pinpoints the location of the source document to the system. Whereas, the parameter to the Resource Type attribute mentions the format of XML-based source document (WordXML/ExcelXML/ODT/ODS/XML) to the system.
    Where is it used?
    In Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0, the VAT forms, 'DL_CST_Form 4.ods' (Form 4 of Delhi CST), and 'DL_DVAT_Form 16_Annexure 30.ods' (Annexure 30 of Form 16 of Delhi VAT) are printed using this capability.
    In the upcoming product releases, the same capability will be used to print VAT forms for rest of the states. The document templates for these VAT forms are available under ‘Resource’ folder of Tally.Developer 9.
    How to use it?
    In the above code, 'TSPLExcel.xml' is the ExcelXML document template that prints in Excel format from Tally.ERP 9.
    Stay tuned!
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    Is it only for Invoices / Statutory Forms ? Or this suite will be facilitating the overall forms & reports in tally. Tally will give an extra extension setup for this or will be giving it as inbuilt utility ?
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    This feature is for End User or only for Developer ?

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    This is only for the reports which is having static behaviour, ex: Invoice print , this one we cannot incorporate with Columnar reports and all..

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    It will be helpful to End user which is developed by developer, means developer can build in quick time.
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