TDLBytes #12 : VERSION COMPATIBILITY CHECK Understanding Errors

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    TDLByte #12
    Dear Developers,
    In our previous TDLByte #11, we outlined and explained various steps to be followed in order to migrate the code from earlier version of Tally.ERP 9 to a new version. Today, we will explain how you can view the errors and rectify them to ensure seamless migration of your code.
    When the 'Version Compatibility Check' is performed on the Customization Project that needs to be migrated to the target release, the results are seen in the 'Build' tab of
    Tally.Developer 9 as Errors and Warnings. Let us understand in detail about the occurrence of Errors with examples.
    Errors occur when there is Addition/Deletion of definitions in Source code of Target release, which will fail the execution of the customization.
    Error Type 1: Addition of new definition in Target release
    Error Type 2: Deletion of definition in Target release
    While we have covered the 'Errors' part in this TDLByte, our next TDLByte will explain
    'Warnings' in detail. You can always post your queries on our Developer Forum and interact with fellow developers and experts from TSPL too.
    Stay tuned!

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