TDLByte #26 : Modifying a Variable in Field

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    Modifying a Variable in Field


    TDLByte #26


    Dear Developers,

    In TDLByte#25, we learnt about Static Variable. This TDLByte discusses some interesting facts about the field attribute Modifies.

    What is it?

    The field attribute 'Modifies' modifies the value of the variable.

    Q: How to modify a variable with the value of a field?
    A: Use the attribute Modifies as given below:


    The variable vTSPLVar will be modified with the value of the field, once the report is accepted.

    Q: Can the variable acquire the field value as soon as the field is accepted?
    A: Yes. You can provide the third parameter value as given below:


    On setting the value of the third parameter to ‘Yes’, the variable acquires the value of the field immediately after accepting the field.

    Q: Can the variable be modified only with the field’s value?
    A: No. The attribute Modifies can be used to assign any value to the variable, with the help of
    the fourth parameter.


    The variable will be modified with the value of the field suffixed and prefixed with apostrophes ('or') as shown in the GIF Animation.Â


    Stay tuned to learn more on other concepts of Variables!

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