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    Variable Framework in TDL (Part2)


    TDLByte #21


    Dear Developers,

    In TDLByte #20 on 'Variable Framework', we learnt about the use of the attribute Persistent
    of variable definition. In today’s TDLByte, we will discuss the attribute Volatile of variable definition.

    What is it?

    When the value of the attribute Volatile is set to Yes in variable definition, then the variable is capable of retaining multiple values. The original and subsequent values are stored as a stack. The default value of this attribute is Yes.

    Where is it used?

    A classic example of this is a drill down from one screen to another in Trial Balance. On drill down, the current value of the variable Group Name is saved in a stack so that the variable can assume a new value in the subsequent/drilled down report. The flow is explained below:




    In our next TDLByte, we will take up other attributes of 'Variable Framework' and explain them in detail.

    Stay tuned!

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