TDL to Import all types of Masters..

Discussion in 'Free Source Codes' started by garima, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. garima

    garima Active Member

    Dear Friends.. t
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  2. Haresh Hemani

    Haresh Hemani New Member

    Please provide excel file

  3. garima

    garima Active Member

    No need of excel file.. it can create excel file for import..look for create excel template in the menu provided

  4. pramod5542

    pramod5542 Member

    Can tally sales details and purchase details data import to excel thru odbc server??

  5. garima

    garima Active Member can export filtered day book to excel

  6. pramod5542

    pramod5542 Member

    Can u please share code?

  7. goood tdl but not imported

  8. garima

    garima Active Member

    It should.. it works

  9. Arvind123

    Arvind123 New Member

    not working

  10. garima

    garima Active Member

    It is well tested and is being used my many clients

  11. arkay

    arkay New Member

    my error is as follows. kindly help

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  12. garima

    garima Active Member

    Load Master.TDL only..

    your are loading all files..

  13. arkay

    arkay New Member

    loaded only Master.tdl, but this the error is "No Data to Process"


  14. garima

    garima Active Member

    Have you created the template the first from the menu ?

  15. arkay

    arkay New Member

    yes sir, using create master template i have created the template. entered the data. tried to import, but error is coming "No Data to Process"

  16. garima

    garima Active Member

    Check FileName
    Check SheetName
    Check the Excel version while saving file.. it should be excel 2003 or lower
    Check if data starts from first row

  17. arkay

    arkay New Member


    I am attaching the file created

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  18. garima

    garima Active Member

    Ok.. but file is blank..

    to create ledger u need to specify ledger name and group.. for that group must exist.. therefore first create groups.. same for stock also and UOM must also be there before you create stock item

  19. avlesm

    avlesm New Member

    Tally Shows Action Execution Failed

  20. Ndubuisi

    Ndubuisi New Member

    I am having the "No Data to Process" error. Attached is the xls file I used. Kindly assist.

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  21. garima

    garima Active Member

    Check whether Tally ODBC drivers are properly installed.

  22. Ndubuisi

    Ndubuisi New Member

    How do I check that please?

  23. garima

    garima Active Member

    In excel Go to Data-From other sources.. if Tally ODBC is listed than driver installed other wise not

  24. Miscrcc

    Miscrcc New Member

    Pls Help me Garima ji...
    Tally Shows Action Execution Failed...
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  25. Sushma

    Sushma New Member

    I want read data between two dates from sql server using tdl. please help me

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