TDL Byte #8: Easy customization for swift delivery

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    Easy customization for swift delivery
    TDL Byte #8
    Dear Developers,
    Before we head into the next Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0 feature, we had some interesting insights about 'Customization using Productivity Suite' that we wanted to share with you.

    Customization using Productivity Suite
    What is it?
    There is a Sales Invoice in a productivity suite that runs into multiple pages. Your
    challenge is to print the invoice while ensuring that the invoice details are consistent in all the pages.
    How it can be done?
    You can easily print the sales invoice using Page Breaks. We will take the same invoice that we have been using in our previous TDL Bytes. The following steps will help you in configuring the top and bottom page breaks in the invoice:
    Top Page Break
    Requirement: The below displayed section from the Output File needs to get repeated for all the pages in the Print preview of the Output file.
    How to do it?
    Go to Output file that gets printed in Excel. Select 'Print Titles' from the Tab
    'Page Layout' Then select the rows that needs to be repeated for every page in the top, and click 'OK'.
    Bottom Page Break
    Requirement: To print the page numbers at the bottom of each page.
    How to do it?
    Select the option 'Header & Footer' from 'Insert' Tab. Then in the Footer, configure the page Number. Now just print the file to view the Page Breaks.
    Note: Configure the .tdl file containing the code written for the sales invoice format used in previous TDL Bytes, and print a sales voucher keeping the
    Print Preview as ON (A print preview should open up in an excel file).

    To assist you in the entire process, you can check the page-break configured
    Output File (.xml format that can be opened using Excel tool). We suggest that you try configuring the page breaks and then refer the given Output File when needed.
    Point to remember: The Top Page Break can be configured in the Source document(Excel) instead of the output file, if the rows to be repeated at the top of every page doesn't contain tokens, that will print repeated information in the
    output file.
    Food for Thought
    How about designing the Sales Invoice (format shared in our previous TDL Byte) with
    Page Breaks in Word and use the same as Source document?

    Try it until our next TDL Byte throws an insight on how it can be done.
    Stay tuned!

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