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    Variable Framework inTDL


    TDLByte #20


    Dear Developers,

    In our previous TDLBytes, we had explained various features such as Convert to XML TDL – to convert projects/files in TDL to XML TDL, Delete Target – to delete the primary objects easily, and User Defined Query Box – to customize the look, options, and position of the Query Box in Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0.

    Today, we will start a new topic series called 'Variable Framework' where we will first discuss 'Persistent' attribute of the Variable definition.

    What is it?

    The value of a system variable can be retained across the sessions of Tally.ERP 9, with the attribute 'Persistent' set to 'Yes' in the variable definition. The attribute decides the retention periodicity of the variable i.e. whether the variable retains the value only till the termination of application or even after the application termination.

    Setting the attribute 'Persistent' to 'Yes' means the value saved during the last application session will be retained permanently in the system. When the next session of Tally.ERP 9 is started, it will take its initial value from the value saved in the previous session.

    Where & how is it used?

    A classic example of this is the company backup path given in Tally.ERP 9, where the backup path is saved in a variable 'SV Backup Path'.


    In the variable SV Backup Path, the attribute Persistent is set to Yes, which means that it retains the latest path given by the user even in the subsequent sessions of Tally.ERP 9.


    In our next TDLByte, we will take up other attributes of 'Variable Framework' and explain them in detail.

    Stay tuned!

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