TCP Single User And Multi User File

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Anand Sharma, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Dear Experts...
    Plz Suggest & Explain Me...

    What is a difference between TCP File For Single User Tally & Multi User Tally...

    is this different-different file or same ?

    Plz Suggest

  2. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    If you are making a TCP file and your code is for single user, it will not work in multi user........

    It has been codified for SU or MU, as per the prices. the code will be same......just there will be a condition for SU or MU.
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  3. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Sir Thanks for replay ....
    plz suggest me what is a code or example of code who explain SU or MU

  4. drive

    drive Active Member

    simple add this code for check when system start if condition false then quit as per following code . i made 3 year's ago.

    [System: Event]
    AppStartEvent : System Start : YES : Call: Func_Check_Tally_Edition

    [Function: Func_Check_Tally_Edition]
    010 : If: $$LicenseInfo:IsGold
    011 : Msg Box: "Error" : "This TCP Only For Tally Silver Edition"
    012 : Msg Box: "Error": "Purchase Gold Editon" + $$NewLine + "Call : 7990747477"
    018 : Trigger Key : Ctrl + Q
    019 : Trigger Key : Ctrl + Q
    ;020 : Else ;$$LicenseInfo:IsSilver
    030 : End if

  5. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Thankyou very much sir for replay...... Thankyou......

  6. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Sir I have some issue......
    I am generate tcp file & use tally developer . Plz Explain or any link for what is a use of GUI (Generate GUI or Paste)
    can i generate new gui every time ? what benefit or loss ...

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  7. drive

    drive Active Member

    I think it's encryption key for compilation. Use same gui in same project. It's my opinion.

  8. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Thanks For Replay Sir...

  9. Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma Member

    Plz Suggest....
    I want to use font like "times ew roman" but tdl user`s machine this font not available show "required font message"...

    is this possible....

  10. drive

    drive Active Member

    I never tried that. But I will check if possible.

  11. Jay kumar tailor

    Jay kumar tailor Active Member

    Use Like This....

    [Field : User Name]
    Set as:""
    Style : JayTailorSkr

    [Style: jayTailorskr]

    Font : Comic sans ms
    Height : 10

  12. M K RAJU

    M K RAJU New Member

    please check mail: 4 in 1 purpose

  13. narayane88

    narayane88 New Member

    Action - Unload TDL
    To unload the TDL dynamically from the current Tally Session, the Action ‘Unload TDL’ has been introduced. With this Action, the local TDL File(s), including the ones added through Tally.ini and those added dynamically using Actions ‘Load TDL’ or ‘Execute TDL’, can be unloaded. However, they would be unloaded only for the current Tally Session, and in the subsequent session, all the TDL/TCP files specified in Tally.INI will be loaded once again. Using this action, the Files can be unloaded by specifying either the TDL /TCP file name or the GUID of the TCP File.
    UNLOAD TDL : <TDL/TCP File or GUID expression>

    evaluates to the path of the TDL/TCP File or GUID of the TCP File to be unloaded dynamically.
    [Button : Unload Dynamic TDL]
    Key : Alt + U
    Action : Unload TDL : @@TCPFileGUID
    [System : Formula]
    TCPFileGUID : “c2901088-349b-434b-946c-9ada601fd6b7”

    In this example, on triggering the button ‘Unload Dynamic TDL’, the Action ‘Unload TDL’ unloads the Compiled TDL with the GUID “c2901088-349b-434b-946c-9ada601fd6b7”. If the particular TDL is not found to be loaded, then the same is ignored. If the TCP File was dynamically loaded, then the same is removed from the List of TDL Files. However, if the TCP File was available in Tally.INI, then the same is removed temporarily and reloaded in the subsequent session of Tally

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