TallyPrime DashBoard with 24 Customised Reports & 25 Default Reports from Single Window

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  1. Dear Members,

    We had developed the attached DashBoard for TallyPrime which contains 24 Customised Reports and 25 Default Tally Reports from Single Window.

    Customised Reports include Sales/Purchase/Profit Trend Analysis, MIS Reports, Monthly Comparison Summary for Sales/Purchase/Receipts/Payments, etc.

    Thank You

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  2. ASHOK

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    Please send me my email address is akumar300965@gmail.com

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    Very nice work.

  4. Intresting, Please share quote on this email id : pcssandip21@gmail.com

  5. venkatkolla

    venkatkolla New Member

    Hi will this work in tally Prime. Can you please send me the code or tdl to kvguntur1@gmail.com

  6. gopakishore

    gopakishore New Member

    hi send your mail id or contact details. to discuss this one

  7. tally.manish

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    Dear Sir

    Please share the Tcp File

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  9. Gopa Kishore

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    Share your Contact Details

  10. HARESH11243

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  11. Very Excellent Work Sir..

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  14. venkatkolla

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  15. What is Price of TCP For One S/N ?

  16. hardey

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  17. Marina Colors

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    Sirs...Can you please share the cost/price...I am looking forward to use ...pls share the details on marinacolorspbt@gmail.com

  18. vasudev

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    Please send me demo file to vasu99.dev@gmail.com

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