Tally SMS Integration with com interface and com dll (no more popups)

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  1. teja varma

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    -> use this dll to send sms you can use any api you want
    -> no more browser popups , no need to use browse url
    -> all the things will be handled by the dll in background
    - >it also has response (feedback) of the message send displayed in the calculator panel
    - >it will also generate a log file in temporary folder
    - >this is free dll you can use it for education as well as commercial purpose

    steps to register dll:
    1)Download and Extract MessageTunnel.zip file attached below
    1. Copy file (MessageTunnel.dll) to C:\Windows\System32
    2. Open Cmd in administrator Mode (Elavated mode)
    3. CD C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319 ;; change directory
    4. Type without quote "regasm MessageTunnel.dll /codebase"

    ;;;;;; tdl ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

        ;;;;;;;; com interface part ;;;;;;;;;;;
    [COM Interface:SmsService]
    ;;;;;; repeat same for all forms receipt,payment etc as per your need
        On:Form Accept:Yes:Call:PushSms
    ;;;; edit the message as you need
        endmsg:"thank you for shopping please visit again next time"
    ;; function to call cominterface
        01:Exec COM Interface:SmsService:@@endurl
        ;; shows response in the calculator panel

    you can download this project from my Github repo:

    you can customise the tdl as per your needs

    * it requires .Net framework version 4 in order to install this dll

    hope this help you solve out browser pop up and response handling

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  2. MIttal Sharma

    MIttal Sharma New Member

    Sir, While SMS Send error showing in tally
    Failed to create an object of class of COM interface

  3. teja varma

    teja varma Active Member

    Please check the dll is registered according to your os bit (32/64)

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