String Contains All Bill Item

Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Properson2020, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. Properson2020

    Properson2020 New Member

    I want String that contains bill componatns
    in follwing format

    item1 10pcs rs.100 item2 5pcs rs.50 item3 8pcs rs.90 item4 6pcs rs.30 item5 2pcs rs.50

    all bill item in string in formate :- item name qty item value

    how can i foramte string that contains above formate ?

  2. Himanshu-2002

    Himanshu-2002 Active Member

    $$String:$StockItemName + $$String:$BilledQty + $$String:Rate

    Try to put some more efforts because You can achieve this by simple logic Example
    If I say you add Qty and Stock Item Name So, Can you do that ?
    Same Happens in Programming We can't add text but We can convert them into text and combine all

  3. Properson2020

    Properson2020 New Member

    How to use collection for this format
    how do I collect vch rate feield value of every line in bill

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