Section 40A(3) cash payment limit daily basis

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  1. jgkumar1976

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    Admin sir how to collect the cash and debtor -creditor group and filter the daily cash entries please assist

    this is helpful for section 40A(3)

    thank you
    Waiting for your reply asap

  2. jgkumar1976

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    Voucher Collection

    Voucher Having cashGroup entry for particular ledger then
    check if there is Debit values then
    check Date field and store in a variable and
    then Count the Voucher on that day and
    The Sum of Debits Value for A Day
    if sum of Value is More than 10000 then store in variable

    any body assist me to how ,as object or something else

  3. Jay kumar tailor

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    Make A collection of Payment Vouchers.
    Compute Sum for date <>
    Put Filter For Cash.

  4. jgkumar1976

    jgkumar1976 Member

    I tried lot a time but result zero
    Would you pls write me that collection
    Need collection daily
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  5. jgkumar1976

    jgkumar1976 Member

    becos there will be accepts the cash entry voucher in journal also

  6. jgkumar1976

    jgkumar1976 Member

    sir pls look the code i struck at getting only cash payments daily and cash receipts daily

  7. jgkumar1976

    jgkumar1976 Member

    getting collections little bit late , even used keepsource : ().

    is there any option to get fast ??

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  8. jgkumar1976

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    To Admin Amit Sir
    [system :formulae]

    TransLedFilter : $.LedgerName = #MydspLedger or $AllLedgerEntries[1].ledgername = #MydspLedger or $AllLedgerEntries[2].ledgername = #MydspLedger or $AllLedgerEntries[last].ledgername = #MydspLedger or $AllLedgerEntries[3].ledgername = #MydspLedger or $AllLedgerEntries[4].ledgername = #MydspLedger or $AllLedgerEntries[5].ledgername = #MydspLedger

    I am Using Filter Like This , i think this wrong but getting results correctly, if vouchers having ledgers upto five items ,
    please suggest required


    PANKAJ BHONDLE Active Member

  10. jgkumar1976

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    PANKAJ BHONDLE Active Member

    above Rs.200000/- cash limit



    My Cash Receipt Report

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