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  1. Vikram Bhat

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    Dear Experts

    i am write a code area-wise salesman report
    in that i am salesman add in Sundry Debtors ledger i am asking some question

    1. Can we Add 2 Salesman add our party ledger ?

    2. Can we that salesman's Add Specify Stock Group ?

    Means in Our Company Take 8 Company Stock Example

    Salesman 1 Taken First 4 Group Products
    1.Stock Group 1
    2. Stock Group 2
    3. Stock Group 3
    4. Stock Group 4

    Salesman 2 Taken Other 4 Group Products
    5. Stock Group 5
    6. Stock Group 6
    7. Stock Group 7
    8. Stock Group 8

    in Monday our salesman Go to our area 1
    in that Area our two salesman take a order in our party1(ABC COMPANY) salesman1 take 4 company stock group order and salesman2 take a 4 company stock group order is my question

    is in salesman report we select salesman1 only comes salesman1 outward stock group product only (Means : Only Comes Stock Group 1 , Stock Group 2 , Stock Group 3 , Stock Group 4 That company Products)

    and we select salesman 2 only comes salesman2 stock group products only (Means : Only Comes Stock Group 5 , Stock Group 6 , Stock Group 7 , Stock Group 8)

    is it possible If Possible please advise me to what i can i do please thank you

  2. Bipin Damania

    Bipin Damania Member

    All you asked is POSSIBLE.
    With depth knowledge of TDL.

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