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Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Grace K, May 18, 2020.

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    When i enter a value in the STKI Pack Field, the corresponding info is displayed in the STKI Medium Prompt Field. But when i change the value of the STKI Pack Field, the value in the STKI MediumPrompt field gets updated, but the cursor moves back to the top of the form(Stock Item Alteration Form). How do i set the cursor to focus on the next field instead of going to the start when the field value updates?

    [Line : STKI Pack]
    Fields : Medium Prompt, STKI PackField
    Local : Field : Medium Prompt : Set as : " Type : "
    Space Top : 5 mms

    [Field: STKI PackField]
    Use : Name Field
    Validate : NOT $$IsEmpty : $$Value
    Table : Type Collection
    Show Table : On First Key
    Storage : pack

    [Line : STKI NoOfMed]
    Fields : STKI Medium Prompt, STKI NoOfMedField
    Space Top : 5 mms

    [Field : STKI Medium Prompt]
    Width : 60 mms
    Read Only : Yes
    Option : STKI tab : $pack="Tablet"
    Option : STKI cap : $pack="Capsule"
    Option : STKI bot: $pack="Bottle Tablets"

    [!Field : STKI tab]
    Info : "Number of medicines in 1 strip"
    [!Field : STKI cap]
    Info : "Number of capsules in 1 strip"
    [!Field : STKI bot]
    Info : "Number of medicines in 1 bottle"

    [Field : STKI NoOfMedField]
    Use : Number Field
    Width : 5 mms
    Validate : $$IsFieldEdited
    Storage : no of med
    Set By Condition : Yes : 0

    [System : UDF]
    pack : String : 221

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