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Discussion in 'Tally Developer' started by Hasan@123, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. Hasan@123

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    Dear Developers,
    I have added a column in sales register to see sale bill wise received amount. I want this column to fetch received amount against each sale bill and if there is no amount received then it will remain blank.
    for example If a receipt entry of Rs.500 is passed against "Xyz", that 500 amount should reflect in this column. How can i fetch that amount? Please help and check my code...

    [#Line: DSP VchAccTitles]
    Add:LeftField:After: DSP VchAcctTitle:RecAmt
    [#Line: DBTitle1]
    Add:LeftField:After: DSP VchAcctTitle:RecAmt

    [Field : RecAmt]
    set As : "Received Amt"
    Width : 10% Page
    Align : Center

  2. Neeru

    Neeru Member

    Collection missing..

  3. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    What will be the collection?

  4. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Collection will be of Bills....
    refer to the module of O/s report within tally and refer corresponding code in TDE......and then you can collect the total amount of receipt vouchers.

    Compute the value in the collection and then call for that in your column field.

    But you are adding the field in the Sales Register, so you need to compute the same in the relevant collection of the Sales register.
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  5. Anand K

    Anand K New Member

    you need to use collection for the bills outstanding. pl check the screen upload_2020-6-27_9-24-30.png shot.
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  6. Hasan@123

    Hasan@123 Member

    can u give a hint?

  7. Rajsrisrimal

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  8. Anand K

    Anand K New Member

    Hi rajsrisrimal, please check your mail and kindly revert.

  9. Jeevaraajan

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