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  1. love

    love New Member

    with help from this forum and minor alteration I have created this tdl for QR Code in tally invoice
    CREDIT to the original coder , load the tdl and save the qr code image in Tally folder,name of the image file should be company name with suffix QR AND SHOULD BE SAVED in "jpg " FORMAT

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  2. Adarsh Aggarwal

    Adarsh Aggarwal New Member

    Giving error while attaching , description nt found. Suggest the way out

  3. love

    love New Member

    screen shot plz , otherwise unable to understand what description not found

  4. akaash kapoor

    akaash kapoor New Member

    While loading the TDL error message shows. test image part1 is a duplicate description already defined in another tdl. Screenshot has been attached below. Please help me in rectifying the same.

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  5. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member

    Unload all the other TDLs and then try or Else rename the duplicate name to something else.

  6. love

    love New Member

    do as commented by amit sir, your signature. tcp is having part with same name

  7. akaash kapoor

    akaash kapoor New Member

    It worked sir! Thanks to Amit Sir and Mr. Love for the solution.

  8. akaash kapoor

    akaash kapoor New Member

    Another thing sir, i renamed the file to COMPANY NAME QR.JPG and saved it in the TALLY folder as instructed and resized the image to 4 CM X 4 CM but the QR Code does not show up. The terms of delivery is removed after loading the TDL as per the script but the QR code does not show up. What could be the reason?

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