Print Godown Name in DayBook. Okay in Display Mode Problem in Printing.

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  1. Dear Experts,
    I am getting out put of Godown Name in Display Mode of DayBook. But Its Not taking Printed !!

    Thank You

    [#Collection : DayBook Vouchers Of Company]
        Fetch : *.*
    [#Collection : Filtered Vouchers Of Company]
        Fetch : *.*
    [#Collection : Specific Vouchers Of Company]
        Fetch : *.*
    [#Collection: Vouchers of Ledger]
        Fetch : *.*
    [#Collection: Vouchers of CostCentre]
        Fetch : *.*
            [#Part: DayBookVCHINVAlloc Explosion]
                    local    : Line        :  DSP InvAllocDetails        : Add        : Left Field    : After: DSP VchStockItem: My New Fld
    [#Field: DSP VchStockItem]
        Background: Green
        Print BG: REd
    [Field: My New Fld]
        Set as:$GodownName
        Use          : Short Name Field
        Width        : @@ShortNameWidth + 3
        Print BG: Green
        Background: Red

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  2. Is there any clarification? why godown name not getting printed.

    Thannk you

  3. Amit Kamdar

    Amit Kamdar Administrator Staff Member


    [!Line: DSP VchDybkDetail]
    Explode : DSP VchDBExplosion: $$IsVoucher AND NOT $IsCancelled AND NOT $IsDeleted AND $$InPrintMode AND ($$KeyExplode OR ##ExplodeFlag) AND (NOT $$IsAttendance:$VoucherTypeName ) AND @@PayrollPyrlSecFilter

    Explode : DSP VchExplosion : $$IsVoucher AND NOT $IsCancelled AND NOT $IsDeleted AND NOT $$InPrintMode AND ($$KeyExplode OR ##ExplodeFlag) AND (NOT $$IsAttendance:$VoucherTypeName ) AND @@PayrollPyrlSecFilter

    Study above..... DSP VchExplosion leads to the PART that you have referred in your code and hence in display it is appearing. So you need to now study "DSP VchDBExplosion" to get the same in your print.
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  4. Great Amit Sir,
    Now its done. Thank you for your support.

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