opening sales voucher directly from main menu

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  1. Anshul Garg

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    i am trying to open sales voucher type with specific class type from menu button
    everything is working fine except dispatch details screen is coming different
    please help

    please find below code
    [Menu:Data Entry Screen]
    Title : $$LocaleString:"Data Entry Screen"

    Indent : @@MustardOil
    Item : BLANK
    Key Item : Mustard Oil Loose Igst : L : Call : SetSaleMOilLooseIgst
    Key Item : @@locQuit : Q

    MustardOil:$$LocaleString:"Mustard Oil"

    [Function:SetSaleMOilLooseIgst] ;this fuction is used


    05:Set : InvoicingModeFlag : Yes

    10:Create Collection:Company Vouchers

    one more thing if the previous open voucher is same as sale than there is no problem with this code

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  2. Anshul Garg

    Anshul Garg Member

    please help.
    Function is not going ahead after create collection until i am escaping the screen.
    please help
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