On altering the UDF Value using the Action Modify Object, why doesn’t it alter?

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    User Defined Fields (UDFs) are special data storage artifacts which hold multiple values, hence specifying an index is mandatory while altering the same using Action Modify Object.

    For example, a UDF which is associated at the Voucher Object is required to be altered. The same can be done as shown below:

    [#Form: Normal Day Book]

    Add : Button : UDFAlterButton

    [Button: UDFAlterButton]

    Key : F8
    Title : "UDF Alteration"
    Action : Modify Object : TestUDF[1].TestUDF : "Test"
    Scope : Selected Lines

    The above code modifies the UDF Values of all the selected vouchers in the Daybook on clicking the Button titled UDF Alteration. Since the above code is meant to alter only the first value of the UDF, specifying index is optional. So, the same can also be specified as TestUDF[].TestUDF.
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  4. Dear sir, if i want to modify original basicshipdocumentno then i have wrote thie below code, why its not working?

    ;; modify challan from daybook
    [#Form: Normal Day Book]

    Add : Button : UDFAlterButton

    [Button: UDFAlterButton]

    Key : F8
    Title : "DC Entry"
    ;Action List: enterLRno,updateLRNO
    ;Action List: setno,saveno

    Variable: vch :String

    01:Walk Collection:myseletedvch
    03:New Object:voucher:##vch
    04: Set Value:Basicshipdocumentno:##myvarlr
    05:Accept Alter
    06:End Walk
    Data Source:Report:selected


    Width: 20% page
    Height:20% page

    Fields:name field
    Local:Field:name field:Info:" LR No Details "

    Use: name field
    Set as:""

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  6. Define variable on function you get result

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