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    Dear All Expert, I want a barcode system for a grocery store. In my barcode, my company name, item name, its price, and Per Quantity, give me some solution in this regard. I have added a picture below, so let me give a solution like this! Thank You In Advance, Please All Expert I need That TDL File. barcode.jpg
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  2. ONKAR

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    @pradip dhs , why contact you, if you have a source code, then please share with here, please

  3. Jenny

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    Objective(s) :-
    -    To Print Barcode for the Stock Items
    Specific TDL Feature(s) used :-
    -    Repeat attribute at Part Level
    -   Explode attribute at Line Level
    -   Creation of new Style using Bar coding Font ‘IDAutomationHC39S’
    -   User Defined Function to replace "" (Space) with "=" symbol as this font ‘IDAutomationHC39S’ treats "=" as space.
    ;; Adding Label Printing Report to the already existing Report
    [#Form: Sales Color]
        Add     : Print : TSPL FFE LabelPrint
    ;;Label Printing Report
    [Report: TSPL FFE LabelPrint]
        Form         : TSPL FFE LabelPrint
        Object         : Voucher
    [Form: TSPL FFE LabelPrint]
        Part         : TSPL FFE LabelPrint
    [Part: TSPL FFE LabelPrint]
        Line         : TSPL FFE LabelPrint
        Repeat         : TSPL FFE LabelPrint : Inventory Entries
        Scroll         : Vertical
        [Line: TSPL FFE LabelPrint]
            Field             : TSPL FFE StkItemLabel1
            Explode         : TSPL FFE MoreLabels : $$Number:$BilledQty > 1
            Space Bottom    : 1
    [Part: TSPL FFE MoreLabels]   
        Line : TSPL FFE MoreLabels
        [Line: TSPL FFE MoreLabels]
            Field              : TSPL FFE StkItemLabel1 
            Explode         : TSPL FFE MoreLabels : $$Number:$BilledQty >($$ExplodeLevel+$$Line)
            Space bottom    : 1
            [Field: TSPL FFE StkItemLabel1]
                Use                    : Name Field
                Set as                 : "(" + @TSPLFEEBarcodeLF + ")"
                TSPLFEEBarcodeLF     : $$TSPLFFEBarcodeString:@TSPLFEEStkName
                TSPLFEEStkName        : If $$IsEmpty:($TSPLFEEStkAlias:StockItem:$StockItemName) then $StockItemName  +
                                      else ($TSPLFEEStkAlias:StockItem:$StockItemName)
                Style                : TSPL FFE BarCode
    [Style: TSPL FFE BarCode]
        Font        : IDAutomationHC39S 
        Height      : 10
    [#Object: StockItem]
        TSPLFEEStkAlias    : $$Alias
    ;; Function to replace space with "="
    [Function: TSPL FFE BarcodeString]
        Parameter : TSPLFFEEBarcodeInput : String
        Variable  : TSPLFFE Temp             : String
        Variable  : TSPLFFE Count             : Number
        Variable  : TSPLFFEEBarcodeOutput     : String
        10 : Set     :    TSPLFFE Temp     : ""
        20 : FOR TOKEN : TSPL TokenVar : ##TSPLFFEEBarcodeInput : " "
        30 : Set : TSPLFFE Temp : ##TSPLFFETemp + $$String:##TSPLTokenVar + "="
        40 : END FOR
        50 : SET : TSPLFFE Count : $$StringLength:##TSPLFFETemp
        60 : SET : TSPLFFEEBarcodeOutput : $$StringPart:##TSPLFFETemp:0:(##TSPLFFECount-1)
        70 : RETURN : ##TSPLFFEEBarcodeOutput
    ;; End-of-File
    AND Download the font (IDAutomationHC39S) in this location "c/fonts"
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  4. ONKAR

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    Hii, @Jenny mam, can you please send here some screen shots, because this tdl is not working properly, please guide me, when I print it shows only item name, where is barcode ??
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    i want POS wise security control

  6. Sambanthan

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    if your Printer is PRN File based Printer need to use PRN Code in TDL.

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