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Discussion in 'Requests' started by arinda, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. arinda

    arinda New Member

    I am facing two issues in my code for the (Create) Ledger.
    1. I am not able to find the fields for "Under:" Line and "GSTIN/UIN:" Line
    2. My menu button displays a report [RLedger] I created which use: Ledger and its parts and so on and autofills the fields after certain functions.
    My issue is these field values persists if I escape/back and enter Create Ledger or Alter Ledger normally. How to avoid this.

  2. arinda

    arinda New Member

    Please help someone.

  3. Ria

    Ria Member

    1. You can open Tally in dev mode, and when you'll hover your cursor over that field, it will show you the field name
    2. Try resetting those field values to their defaults on form reject

  4. Bipin Damania

    Bipin Damania Member

    Please check this..

    1) a) [Line: Master Parent Line]
    b) [Line: LED GSTIN]

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