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    Dear All I am Developing a Vertical Module for Jewellery Business Section.

    Following is the Screen Shot of the same

    User Level wise Entry Screens
    upload_2019-5-21_14-10-23.png upload_2019-5-21_14-12-45.png upload_2019-5-21_14-14-2.png upload_2019-5-21_14-15-41.png

    First one is for Users who can enter Cash vch and Import data
    2nd one is for users who can enter Stock Entry, Sales Entry and Purchase Entry
    3rd one is for users who can enter stock, sales, purchase and Rate Cut ( Bhav Cut ) Entry
    4th One is for only cash entry users

    all can see their respective reports

    Entry Screen
    1) Stock / Metal - (In / Out) with Gross wgt, Net wgt, Purity , wastge calculation and posting the entry as stock jv Automatically

    Rate Cut - Bhav Cut entry - user will be asked to enter customer/ party name, transaction type Sale /Purchase, Bhav Cut by Value or Rate, Purity of Gold, and Rate
    Based on Entry Auto Rate Cut JV Financial and Stock JV will be passed

    Sales / Purchase entry - screen is same
    Here User will be asked whether it is Direct sales, or After Rate cut sales or Normal Sales, also user will be asked Wastage type - ie Credit Period Allowed or Type of Customer, based on this wastage % will be automatically picked for that item. also user wil be asked to enter gross wgt, net wgt, purity, making charge and other things which is required for the business

    after selecting Item details user will be asked to enter jewellery details

    once Sale / Purchase entry is passed necessary stock update and financial entry is passed to get Jewellery reports

    Metal Loan / Sarafi Entry
    In Gold/ Jewellery Business they give or take metal on loan on particular rate of interest for particular period and then return it with interest in cash or Kind


    Consolidate Outstanding Report
    This report gives Payable / receivable report in terms of Finance and Metal
    Button is provided to toggle between payables and receivables

    Party Ledger
    this is the most important Report for the user to know how much is payable or receivable from customer / Party in terms of Rs. and Metal this report gives transaction wise details for the ledger user wants to tally the accs with party. on pressing enter on any transaction ( only right side stock entry ) user can see the entry - stock jv , also here even if user goes into entry cannot alter anything- it only view rights



    Sarafi report ( with Interest and No of Days)
    Based on Num of Metal recd or Issued - for Particular Period - user will get Sarafi Int report

    Project is Under Development stage- still Print Format is Pending for all vchs.
    i will update my self here with Project development

    I have Uploaded Image to share the experience pls give ur inputs if possible

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    Very good @nirav Bhai Share Here your code

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    kindly share code

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    pls share the code.....

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    Please sir share ur code

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    hi guys pls dont ask for source code it is not addon its a huge project and still half way

    i hope u will understand


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